About Me…

24 . Red Panda & Turtle Enthusiast . Dreamer of Travel . Overuser of Quotes .
Soul based in Water .  Seeker of Experience . Female from Aussie.

And now blogger … I guess.

This blog has eventuated out two things, I don’t write as much as I would like to and life is pretty incredible.

So why not write about that?

I’ve been using the phrase daring adventure or nothing at all for a little while now. It started as a cool caption on an Instagram photo and it’s just grown into a mantra. Life should be an adventure.

But adventure doesn’t always mean travel. This isn’t a travel blog. Its about this wild journey we call life and the adventures along the way; big and super small. Adventure is taking the wrong turn just because and seeing where you end up. Adventure is realising you have personal goals and things to change and challenging yourself to get up and make those changes.  Adventure is seeing the beauty in every day and appreciating where you are. And yeah for sure, Adventure is climbing the Swiss Alps, diving Vanuatu, road-tripping across Australia and finally making it to Antartica.

Adventure is really what you make it. And I can’t wait to make it radiate into every day, just like a daily cup of coffee!

When your coffee loves you the way you love it!