Some Saturdays

Some Saturdays are for resting.
Some Saturdays are for exploring.
Some Saturdays are for leaving it all on a warehouse dancefloor in a convention centre.
Every Saturday is what you make of it.

Like most people, I have a wide eclectic taste of music but generally good lyrics are a must. I couldn’t understand so called ‘dance music’ as it all sounded the same. That was up until a couple years ago when a few friends introduced me to the world of Electronic Dance Music – EDM. It wasn’t just “here have a listen”, they knew what I liked out of music and eased me in by finding artists like Above and Beyond who are trance EDM but have these incredible lyrics. They matched what I looked for in other genres.

From there I was hooked: Dash Berlin, A&B, Armin Van Buren, Wilkinson, Shockone, Loadstar, Martin Garix and the list goes on.

I had discovered this whole other world of artists who were starting to become so distinct in my mind. Before I could pick differences between folk bands/rock bands etc and could understand and appreciate what they were doing, what they were adding to the song. Now I had developed that same appreciation for EDM. The build, the drop, how they mixed and what they mixed were all apart of my repitoure.

But I had also discovered the wonderful world of DJ Set & Shows.

6 hours of AVB is still one of the absolute highlights of my days but I’m sure at some point that will make it into its own blog post.

A DJ set versus a concert is a whole other world. Both are incredible and in terms of experiences you are left with there is a reason I have spent thousands over the last 6-7 years on tickets, festivals and gigs. Both are huge parts of my life.

Concerts though are generally appreciation, spine tingling goosebumps of seeing this incredible artist play live your favourite songs right before your eyes. That feeling of singing a total anthem along with 60,000 other people is out of this world. Hearing a song that has a special place in your heart, has definitely caused a few tears along the way. Looking at you Mumford and Sons!

A Dj set, well for me anyway, is this carthatic release and out of body experience. To add my disclaimer … I have never taken anything to enhance my experience at one of these sets or festivals, if you know what I mean. I have never been interested in it or would even see it as necessary.

That response is purely from

  1. Adoring the artist’s music and being able to hear it live
  2. Completely letting go of all hangups. EDM is not about pretty, seductive or graceful dancing. It’s about feeling the beat, music and the atmosphere and doing whatever you want! It’s about jumping, fist pumping, swaying, dancing in whatever way your body wants to move.

It’s this second reason which is why EDM has me so hooked! In today’s world we are so caught up in society and we all have these pressures about what to be, how to be and who to be.
It’s from these pressure we also see a need to control our surroundings, to minimise or own these pressures.

Losing yourself in an EDM set is one of the best resets you can do and for me is a real demonstration of physical mindfulness. When I’m there at 12am dancing like there is no tomorrow, leaving everything on that floor and grinning like a madman from the pure joy of being so free, I’m not thinking about anything else. My hair whips around my face, the lights are flashing and I don’t really notice the people around me. I don’t know if they are staring and if they were I wouldn’t care. I am completely and utterly in my own little world and truly wild and free. It’s a way to get home to my truest self.
So to the Saturday gone and sadly the first Dj set in a little while. Life can always get a little busy and on top of you.

Pendulum, Shockone and …  you absolutely killed it. I left everything I had on that floor. Sweat, energy, heart and soul but also my hangups, my thoughts, my stresses, worries and past energy. I also found parts of my true self, my strength to not let those from the past control my present and I loved every adventurous, uninhibited minute of those 3 sets.

Some Saturdays are the reset you’re looking for.
Some Saturdays are leaving behind the things that have been holding you back! x

NOTE: Photos from the night are all terrible but here are some from another Shockone set! … Still the same good vibes!

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