The First Adventure..

Was really starting this blog!

I probably have 3 blogs to my name with I think one blog post ever actually written.

I don’t know why but I find this idea thrilling in conception and terrifying in execution. I’ve always wanted to blog but I’ve never known how, never known what to say.

You look at these fantastic bloggers around you who write on one particular topic or hobby. Or they have a theme or a style. They are amazing and structured and something I wanted to be.

But something that I just couldn’t figure out.

So I’m gave up the idea of ever having order or structure. And then of course as life usually happens, it came to me early hours of the morning.

Adventure! Spontaneity! Experiences! All themed in one neat little bubble with categories.

So my first post is dedicated to explaining the vision. Not that anyone will actually ever read it but it helps me.

This blog is dedicated to my life escapades. That way I can talk about whatever influences, inspires and ignites me. And it’s all centred around the mantra/idea of “Daring Adventure or Nothing at All” because I believe that’s what life should be.

So we have:

The Sights:

Places and moments that are breathtaking. This includes road trips, photos taken, overseas, interstate, all kinds of travels. These posts are about taking time out and just appreciating where I am in those moments.

The Lessons:

Definitive things I’ve learnt through my own journey that I wish to share or maybe things that are passed on from other people. These posts are about documenting the milestones along the journey.

The Journey:

The stories that happen everyday, along the way, about the challenges and the fun. Not everything thing will fit neatly in the other categories because its a part of the whole. The journey is everything else but to embody and embrace the journey for all the highs and lows is the true adventure!

Wild & Free: 

A place for a stream of conscious on any topic that influences me. Books, movies, events, ideas, brain dumping. Whatever is wild and free in my mind at that moment could be posted.


A place to share accomplishments, there are always going to be lesson on a journey but also goals one sets out to achieve. This is a place for me to celebrate moments of strength, willpower and courage!


A place for me to talk about the amazing people that surround me, support me and constantly surprise me! You are always influenced by the people around you, so make sure you have a good tribe! 🙂

And of course their will be overlap or changes and nothing is ever set in stone but I like this vision and I’m curious to see where it takes me!

So thats it! Let the adventure begin! x

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